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To Whom It May Concern

I write in comment to the article in Swindon Evening Advertiser 16/02/2011 which was bought to my attention entitled ‘WiFi worry is Unfounded says Council’.

I gave a presentation in Swindon last October 2010 at the Pilgrim Centre ‘Know the Dangers .. Hear the Truth ‘ which was organised by Liz Brackenbury and attended by members of the public along with local councillors, representatives from Talk Swindon Forum and an MP.

During the question and answer session a local councillor stated his intention to go ahead and use wifi in schools etc. When asked what the safe level of exposure to microwave irradiation for a child was he replied ‘ i don t know’

Hence the title of this article is untrue.

Wifi worry is Unfounded says council. In fact the councillor was correct in his comments that he does’ t know what the safe level of microwave irradiation is for a child because there is NO safe level of microwave irradiation for a child known anywhere in the world.

Another quote in the article is also untrue. ‘Both the WHO and the HPA say there is no convincing evidence .... of ill effects’ This statement was made by their spokesperson who has since left to ‘consult’ for the mobile phone industry.

In fact 80% of the Data held by the WHO does show damage from continuous low level microwave irradiation, the WHO told the EU Parliament it would not comment on such dangers to adults until 2015 and only started observing effects on children in 2009, which means the WHO will not comment on children until roughly 2024.

A document published in 1976 by the US Government addressed to all world governments warned that low level microwaves could cause neuropathological and physiological illness in adults and children, at current wifi levels.

Since then the research published by the industry itself and universities have confirmed this. At particular risk is the embryo and young girls.

Research per reviewed and published shows damage to ovaries, testes, immune systems,nervous systems, sleep patterns etc. Unknown to most people is that children absorb more microwave irradiation than adults.

Childhood leukaemia’s were diagnosed from low level microwave irradiation ( by scientific advisor for the WHO – Dr J Goldsmith) as far back as 1950 ‘s

Neither children nor microwaves have changed since.

So tell me councillors: What is the safe level of microwave irradiation for a pupil or a pregnant teacher?

Who takes full legal responsibility for microwave transmitters in schools?

Will you show me the line of writing from your insurance policy which covers illness from microwave irradiation to the people you represent?

And finally what does no convincing scientific evidence.... mean?

Convincing to whom?

Our Government Scientists who assured us over smoking, BSE, Thalidomide, Asbestos?

The Government who take a share of the three trillion pound industry?

Please name for me and the mothers and fathers of Swindon just one credible person who will say ‘continuous low level microwave irradiation is safe for embryo s , infants and children, here is the evidence, peer reviewed and published.

I await your response.

Barrie Trower, Scientific Advisor to Radiation Research Trust and International

Lecturer on Microwave Radiation