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We are the primary national organisation opposing the insensitive siting of mobile phone and Tetra masts in the UK. Read more...

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Mast Sanity - Registered Charity Number 1109757

Mast Sanity was set up in January 2002 and has helped thousands of campaigns since then. The organisation was founded by Lisa Oldham, and other long term mast campaigners, who saw that the mobile phone operators were gaining substantial power and rolling out a network at alarming speed that had serious and widespread health and environmental implications, and their was little help available to communities fighting both the multinationals and the chaotic planning system.

Our network of campaigns has grown substantially both in the UK and overseas and resulted in Tower Sanity being formed in Australia. Similar associations are now being set up in other countries.

Mast Sanity's primary concern is that the present system of mobile phone and TETRA technology is unsafe. The system is biologically and environmentally incompatible with the health and well being of the public. Mast Sanity wants a safe system of operation. Mast Sanity believes the health implications to be on the scale of smoking and asbestos and a health disaster is looming.

Until the Government is forced to recognise that mobile phone and TETRA technology are unsafe Mast Sanity is demanding that masts are not located close to schools, residential areas, old people's homes. hospitals and other sensitive locations.

Our volunteers are professional people, many from the technology sector. We do not campaign against the use of mobile phones, except by children under 16 because of the recommendations of Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, and because of the huge amount of International evidence on the health implications.

We do however seek to raise awareness to the issues surrounding the use of mobile phones by adults so people can make a more informed decision when using mobile phone technology and in particular when choosing to allow their children to use the phones.

We believe we will only get change if we all work together under the umbrella of Mast Sanity. We always need people to join our team and spread the word. Please get involved. Mast Sanity can't be the professional looking group that you want it to be with professional services unless you help. We support local action at all levels but believe that there needs to be a central force to combat this situation nationally and link all groups together effectively. You may win your little battle but unless we come together effectively we won't win the war.

The Mast Sanity website gets 1000 hits per week (unique visitors)

Advice line receives 200 calls on average per month.

200 plus e-mail enquiries per week to regional co-ordinator contacts who are all Mast Sanity volunteers.

100 or so requests for help/info per month are received personally by Mast Sanity volunteers. This includes requests to speak at meetings.

Mast Sanity policy is to offer all information in a timely fashion free of financial charge. However we do expect you to help us in the following ways.

  1. Fill in a registration form.
  2. Send us useful information that we can pass on to others like letters and leaflets that have been effective. Our advice pack can always be improved based on the experience of others.
  3. When you have got rid of your mast please come and help by joining our forum and passing on help and advice to others.
  4. Help us to network effectively. Use the Mast Sanity name, write letters to newspapers and get journalist educated and informed.
  5. Get others to join Mast Sanity and come to us for advice. Too many people have tried to reinvent the wheel without success. If all the information can be held centrally in an easily and readily available form everyone can object and campaign more effectively. This is not about controlling people and owning campaigns but by empowering campaigns with the information and so freeing up their time so they can work to get change more effectively for the benefit of all.
  6. We always need help with administration. writing material for our website. raising our profile, networking and fundraising. Don't just expect things to happen - get involved and make it happen.


Mast Sanity successfully applied for charity status in 2005 and was officially registered as a charity in May 2005. All donations attract Gift Aid and any suggestions for fund raising to raise the profile of the issue and raise funds for Mast Sanity to continue its work are welcome.

All our staff are volunteers and our administrative and other expenses are met entirely from donations. We can only continue to operate and give free advice if you donate generously.

Thank you.