Mast sanity wishes to thank everyone for participating in the health survey. Unfortunately, due to funding issues we have not been able to progress the information and thus all forms have been destroyed according to data protection ruling. If you inadvertently receive a health survey, please do not fill it in. Just destroy it.

As the data controller, it was an anguishing task to read some of these questionnaires and learn of the agonies suffered as a result of the insensitive siting of Masts by the mobile phone industry.  Tetra, in particular caused severe reactions.

ES UK is now receiving calls from many who have been affected by the close proximity of the masts in addition to the general proliferation of equipment generating electromagnetic radiation. Mast Sanity and ES UK continue the fight albeit it feels very much like a David and Goliath battle. One can only pray that in the end, like David, we will defeat the giant.

Respectfully, Nancy Watts, Trustee, Mast Sanity