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Dear Sir,

We live in Sweden. Here the so-called smart meters from the power company EON ( ) were installed in 2007 and / or the old "Ferrari counter" replaced. They justified the measure by saying that the customer only wants to pay for the electricity that they really used.

We were luckily able to avoid installing the new meter in our house since we are members of the Association of Electrosensitives ( )

We did not want a continuous beam [of microwaves] in our basement.

We explained the reasoning.

Many people who got the meter exchanged had health problems, many even had to leave their homes.

The bills are more expensive, especially in the winter at higher Power consumption costs explode.

We are now forced to read the meter each month and to send the data to . Even from vacation! Otherwise we are threatened as it is a mandatory exchange [of data].

Some meters are wrong and the customers have to pay bills that are too high.

All this is not motivated by power saving goals.

Rather, it is to get customers to divulge information.

The remote meter reading requires that there is a wireless connection [coverage] from any basement to the GSM [2G] network. Alternatively, it is sent over the power grid, which also leads to electrosmog.

Warning:  it's early enough for people to join together to stop this nonsense. The plan is the introduction of smart meters across the EU. The old meter is to be scrapped if it is not smart, they have to be present at least. Many have already asked to have the old meter put back.

Best regards

Ingrid Brandt